New Years' Resolution: Write More Blogs! Ft: Lizzie

Hello, Internet World!

Yes, I'm still around! Today was the first day I have glanced at this page in ages and I am absolutely taken aback and humbled at the amount of subscribers to this little barebones blog. Because of this discovery I decided to write up a quick blog to thank you all -- it gives me loads of little warm fuzzies. I want to repay the fuzzies with a super duper exclusive offer: a free 20 minute profile pic session! Two available, will choose at random with raffle in a week (1/11). Email me at with proof that you subscribe and follow me on Instagram. 

It's a new year and I've decided to officially devote more time to photography and absolutely everything related. Because of this I've come to this conclusion:

A lil' BTS for ya

A lil' BTS for ya

A lil more BTS for ya

A lil more BTS for ya


2017 WILL be fantastic.

Why? Because I won't allow it to be anything but. This year is going to be filled with exciting new projects, working with fabulous creatives and of course continued work with clients, new and old. This leaves more time for me to write little blogs here and there:

So what do you want to see?

I already have some great ideas, but I would love to hear from you. Feel free to message me on Instagram (@dat_alyssa - yes, I'm aware it's a silly name!), email me ( or comment here.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Onwards to our second order of business: Lizzie

Lizzie is a gorgeous and talented model slash fashion blogger. This lovely gal met up with me in studio a few days ago and while we only shot for about 30-45 minutes,  so many fantastic photos were captured. While chatting we discovered that we hail from the same high school -- oh how the internet world can be small! So happy to see talented folks coming out of my alma mater. 

Even in such a short time, here's one of the worst(best?) First World Photographer Problems: too many good images to choose from.

Here's just a taste:


If you'd like to work with Lizzie please message her on Instagram @lizziebross